Monitor workflows to optimize resource usage

Learn how to monitor your workflows’ temporary storage usage and where to configure workflow settings to avoid database or workflow issues on your instance.

Hello, in this video, we are going to see how Control Panel can help monitor workflows Have you ever wondered why your campaign workflows are running slow or your temp tables are filling up fast? In Adobe Campaign, some workflow parameters require special attention to avoid any DB or workflow issues on your instances. Control Panel storage overview allows you to check if any of these options are enabled or disabled on your workflows. In order to check these options, navigate to Control Panel, click into performance monitoring tab.
On databases sub-tab, scroll over to storage overview region. Click into view details.
Click on the dropdown, select temp tables.
The list here shows all the workflows that are contributing to the temp storage and their metadata that includes important parameters on them. Pay special attention to the last three columns here; keep interim results, show SQL log, supervisor. Zero here indicates option is disabled and value one indicates the option is enabled on each of the the workflow listed here. Keep interim results. When this option on a workflow is enabled, the execution results of the transitions between the various activities of the workflow are stored in database. And for this reason, it is recommended that this option is only enabled on workflows in your development or staging environments for analysis and testing purposes but not on production workflows.
Let’s see where these options are on your workflows. Navigate to workflow properties, go to general tab.
Notice the keep interim results check box, this governs the value here.
Next up, to SQL log. This option is enabled. That means the underlying SQL queries that get triggered at each step of the workflow execution are locked and you can potentially risk filling up the locks sooner and eventually can slow down the workflow processing. It should be used for analysis and diagnostic purposes only.
The values of log SQL queries are under execution tab.
The checkbox here and the severity dropdown governs this value in Control Panel. Similarly on ACS, the checkbox, save SQL queries in the log go on this particular value.
Moving on to the third property here, supervisors. Value one here indicates that a supervisor is assigned to the workflow. If a workflow fails, the associated operator will be alerted In ACC, template holds supervisor value.
Ensure templates are configured correctly to reflect the right values. In ACS, ensure that the supervisor group is set for these values to appear on Control Panel.
For more information on these properties and best practices, refer to the documentation on Control Panel and campaign workflow best practices. The reference link is also available with this video. Use control panel to check if these best practices are followed on all your workflows especially production workflows for optimal use of resources. Thank you for watching. -

For more information, see the product documentation and the workflow best practices.