Monitor throughputs and latency

Learn how to monitor delivery throughputs and transactional message latencies of your campaign instance.

Hello. In this demonstration, I will walk you through control panel feature that helps Campaign customer admins view and monitor delivery throughputs and transaction message latencies on your Campaign instance. In order to view these details, navigating to Control Panel.
Click into Performance Monitoring tile.
Navigate to Throughputs & Latency sub tab.
Note, throughput here refers to the number of messages sent per hour from the selected Campaign instance across all the communication channels that you are entitled to.
These metrics help gauge the sending patterns of messages over the selected periods. Default view is a graph view.
We can also switch the view to tabular by clicking into the Settings icon and selecting the Table view. Here you are presented with additional information, like the top five deliveries that are contributing to the overall throughput. Each delivery here is presented with the delivery ID, the volume, and the associated percentage in relation to the overall throughput. Notice the granularity on each of the time period presented here. For one day and seven days, hourly granularity is presented.
30 days view provide a six-hour granularity.
Whereas six months view is presented with a daily granularity. Now, let’s take a look at the latencies.
These values presented here are the average time spent by a real-time message to be delivered. The calculation takes into account the request processing time and the entire response time. By default, the latency is shown for all entitled channels at 95 percentile, and 99 percentile. ACC customers can further visualize these latencies per entitled channel using the dropdown filter here. Just like in throughput metrics, you can visualize these metrics in a tabular form with a similar granularity as with throughputs.
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