Generate an SSH Key

You must be able to generate an SSH key in order to be able to add it to the Control Panel.

Accessing Control Panel SFTP Management

To access the SFTP Management in Control Panel, go to:

How to generate an SSH key

Learn how to generate an SSH key using a terminal and how to store the public version of the key in the Control Panel.

In this video, I will show you how to create an SSH key using Terminal on your Mac computer. I will also show you how to store the public version of that SSH key inside the Control Panel.
You will use this private public key pair in order to login to your SFTP server using client console application, or in order to connect two systems, one being your SFTP server, I start with going to campaign control SFTP card and navigating to key management tab.
And here I’ll click on add new public key, and I will select the username and the servers that I would like this key to be valid for. Now, we’ll create the key using a terminal on my Mac computer. First, I will type the command to generate public private key pair for the email address that I would like it to be valid for.
I will be prompted to name the key so I will call it enable.
And now my key is created. So the public key is searchable. You can search for enable dot pub in your computer and you click on the file and you’ll see the entire tail stic key.
You can copy it and paste it inside the control panel.
So now our system and your SFTP server has that public key on file. How do you know if it’s there? You can look at the fingerprint that you can see from your terminals inside the control panel. You can look at the fingerprints, find it right here as well.
Now we use SHA 256 encryption, for the public key, your computer might be using a different encryption like MD 5 if this is the case. You can switch the encryption using a command that you can search for on the internet. -