Adobe Commerce B2B Guide

This guide is intended for administrators of Adobe Commerce. It provides detailed information about installing and enabling this module, including configuration and management of its features. It assumes a basic understanding of the core Commerce configuration, and functionality.

There are two areas for store administrators:

  • The Admin: Use this area to access the configuration UI and reporting.
  • The command-line interface: Use this tool to execute installation and backend configuration tasks.

This guide covers:

What features are available with Adobe Commerce B2B?
Release Notes
Review the updates provided in each Adobe Commerce B2B release.
Install the Adobe Commerce B2B extension.
Enable Basic B2B Features
After you install Adobe Commerce B2B, you must enable the features that you want to activate for your store.
Company Accounts
Learn about company accounts and how they provide the primary building block for providing support for B2B buyers on your store.
Company Management
Learn how B2B Commerce site administrators can build company hierarchies to streamline the management of multiple companies that belong to the same business enterprise.
Shared Catalogs
Learn about using shared catalogs to maintain gated catalogs with custom pricing for different companies.
Quick Orders
Learn about quick order functionality and enabling it for your customers.
Purchase Orders
Learn about purchase order workflows that allow companies to track and control their spending.
Learn about quote workflows and how you can provide this service to your company accounts.
Requisition Lists
Learn about requisition lists and how they are used to easily add frequently ordered products to the shopping cart.

Additional documentation

Documentation resource
Adobe Commerce 2.4 Merchant Documentation
Merchant-focused documentation for Adobe Commerce
Services for Adobe Commerce Documentation
Documentation to support a collection of services that help merchants integrate key components of their business with their store.
Commerce on Cloud Infrastructure Guide
Step-by-step procedures for deploying Adobe Commerce on a managed, automated hosting Cloud platform.
Adobe Commerce 2.4 Operational Guides
Systems documentation about the concepts, processes, tools, and best practices to develop, deploy, and maintain Adobe Commerce projects.
Adobe Commerce 2.4 Developer Documentation
Developer-focused documentation used to customize Adobe Commerce and integrate with third-party systems

Developer information

For information about changes included in module releases, see the Release Notes. The B2B Integrations documentation in the Adobe Commerce REST API Reference Guide provides details about module architecture, APIs, and algorithm customization.

Troubleshooting and support

If you need information or have questions that are not covered in this guide, use the following resources: