Company management

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Company management streamlines business operations for companies with complex organizational structures. Admin users can build a company hierarchy to mirror a B2B organization by assigning companies to the designated parent company. This assignment allows the parent company administrator to view and manage companies within the organization.

Initiate company management tasks from the Companies view. From the Admin, go to Customers > Companies.

B2B Manage Companies Grid

In the Companies grid, the Company Type column indicates whether a company is managed as part of an organization, or as a separate company.

  • Parent is a business organization with one or more assigned companies. A parent company cannot be assigned as a child of another company.

  • Child is a company that has been assigned to an organization. A company can be assigned to only one parent company.

  • Company represents a single company. A single company can become part of an organization by making it a parent company or by assigning it to an existing parent company.

When you edit a parent or child company, expand Company Hierarchy to view all companies in the organization. A Current flag indicates the company you are editing.

B2B Company Hierarchy grid

View and configure the Company Hierarchy

On initial company creation, the Company Hierarchy grid is empty. It is also empty if the company is a single company.

B2B Company Hierarchy Grid

For parent companies, Admin users with appropriate permissions can complete the following tasks:

  • Build the company hierarchy by creating a new parent organization, or updating an existing one.
  • Manage an existing organization to add or remove companies.

For details, see Manage the company hierarchy.