Adding text tags

Learn how to add text tags to Microsoft Word templates using the Adobe Document Generation Tagger for use with Adobe Document Generation API.

Adobe Document Generation Tagger allows you to easily tag your documents for use with Adobe Document Generation API and Adobe Sign.
To begin, click on, get started. You’ll be prompted to paste or upload a sample data set. This is used to create tags you can insert in your document templates. Your sample data needs to be in JSON format. It supports nested data objects, arrays, and base 64 data, so you can use raw data from most APIs. In this example, we’ll copy our JSON sample data here and paste it into Adobe Document Generation Tagger. Once you’re ready, click, generate tags. Now you should see a list of tags you can choose from. To add a tag, place your cursor where you want to place a tag. Search for a tag name in the search field. Select your tag and click, insert text. It’s that simple. When your document is sent to Adobe Document Generation API the tag will get replaced with the value from the data sent. -