Adding image tags

Learn how to add image tags to Microsoft Word templates using Adobe Document Generation Tagger to dynamically push images into documents using Adobe Document Generation API.

In Adobe Document Generation Tagger, you can set advanced tags for more complex data. - § For example, you can have images dynamically merge into documents from data values. Images must be passed in the JSON data as Base64 in coding. To place an image placeholder into your document template, go to “Advanced” and expand “Images.” In “Select Records,” select your image, provide an alternate text for accessibility and click “Insert Image.” A placeholder image will be placed into the document for reference. When the document is generated through Adobe Document Generation API, the placeholder image will be replaced with the image from the data sent. One important note is that the image will be placed in size to the same dimensions as the placeholder image. So, make sure your images and placeholder image match aspect ratios. - -