Setting conditional content

Learn how to set sections in Microsoft Word templates using Adobe Document Generation Tagger to dynamically include or exclude sections of a document based on data using Adobe Document Generation API.

One of the most powerful tools of Adobe Document Generation API is to define sections of text or sentences to show based on data. For example, we have this section here which we only want to include, if the customer resides in California. Select the section you want to have conditional. Go to Advanced and expand Conditional content. Then, select Section as a content type. In Select records, choose the field that will make the decision of whether this section shows. Select your operator, in this case, we’ll choose Equal to. And then, set the value you’re testing for. In this case, CA for California. Then, click Insert Condition. The section that was selected is then wrapped in the conditional section tags. Anything between those tags will only show if the condition is met. The same can also be done on a specific sentence or phrase in a paragraph. Select the sentence or phrase you want to be conditional. Go to Advanced and expand Conditional content. Under Select content type, choose Phrase. Select your record operator, and value just as you did before. And, once again, the sentence will then be wrapped with a conditional content tag. - -