Setting numerical calculation tags

Learn how to set numerical calculation tags in Microsoft Word templates using Adobe Document Generation Tagger to calculate aggregations or arithmetic of data values using Adobe Document Generation API.

Adobe Document Generation API allows you to calculate tags based on multiple fields or do aggregated calculations. Let’s say we have to calculate the total from the products listed above. First, we go to “Advanced” and go to “Numerical calculations” where we can then select “Aggregation”. In the “Select Type” field choose “Sum”, and in the “Select records” field choose your records then select the item to perform the aggregation on and click “Insert Calculation”.
When the tag is placed you can see the expression to create the sum of the order products’ price tag. You may also want to calculate arithmetic such as calculating the tax from a specific value. Go to “Advanced” and expand “Numerical calculations”. Select “Arithmetic” and choose the first record you want to calculate. In this case, we’ll choose “Total Bill”. Then choose the operator you’d like to use. We’ll choose multiply. And then choose the second record you want to multiply by. Then click “Insert calculations”. This tag will then calculate the total and multiply it by the sales tax. You can see the calculation in the tag. However complex calculations can be created by editing the tag manually. - -