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Welcome to the Adobe Workfront product and technical documentation home page. Adobe Workfront is a marketing work management application that helps you manage the entire lifecycle of work in one place.

Use the following Adobe Workfront docs, tutorials, and additional resources to learn how to implement and effectively use Adobe Workfront in your organization.

The following sections point you to useful links in this guide, arranged by intended audience based on typical job functions:


Get started for Workfront administrators

Start learning about Adobe Workfront administration.

See Get started with Adobe Workfront administration.

Adobe Workfront Fusion

Workfront Fusion connects your apps and web services seamlessly so that you can concentrate on new tasks rather than repeating the same tasks again and again.

See Adobe Workfront Fusion.

End users

The basics for users

Get started with Workfront by mastering the basics.

See Adobe Workfront basics.

Agile in Workfront

Agile functionality in Workfront allows teams to complete small, manageable amounts of work at a consistent cadence.

See Agile overview.

Text Mode reporting

If you can’t figure out how to create the report you need in Workfront, the solution you’re looking for might be found using Text Mode.

See Text Mode resources.

The Workload Balancer

Use the Workload Balancer as an alternative to scheduling resources in Workfront.

See The Workload Balancer.

Workfront release information

Learn all the details about what’s new in Workfront!

See Workfront product releases.


API basics

Learn the basics of the Workfront API.

See API basics.

API Explorer

You can view all of the objects that are available through the Adobe Workfront API in the API explorer.

See the Workfront API Explorer on

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