Watermark your assets

Adobe Experience Manager Assets lets you add a digital watermark to images. Assets supports applying an image as a watermark to other image files. Watermarks can help users verify the authenticity and copyright ownership of the assets. Also, a watermark can be used to indicate a document’s state like confidential, draft, validity, and so on.

To configure Experience Manager to watermark assets follow these steps:

  1. A PNG file is applied as a watermark. Upload this file in your DAM repository.

  2. Access the Cloud Manager Git repository associated with your environment. Commit a file named com.adobe.cq.assetcompute.impl.profile.WatermarkingProfileServiceImpl.cfg.json in the repository with the following contents. For instructions, see how to do OSGi configuration in Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.

    "watermark": "/content/dam/<path-to-watermark-image.png>",
     "width": 100
  3. Create a processing profile to leverage asset microservices to apply the watermark.

    Asset processing profile to create watermark

  4. Apply the processing profiles to a folder to create watermarked assets.

Tips and limitations

  • You can use a single configuration to watermark all your assets. Only one image is used for watermarking and its width is fixed.
  • You can place the watermark at the center without tiling.
  • Text-based watermarks are not supported.

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