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This guide provides self-help assistance for Customer Journey Analytics, Adobe’s next-generation solution for cross-channel analytics, based on Adobe Experience Platform.

Learn how Customer Journey Analytics lets you use Analysis Workspace with data from Experience Platform.

Understand the prerequisites and workflow required to implement Customer Journey Analytics.


Understanding Customer Journey Analytics

In this video, you can learn how to do multi-channel analysis on any of your Platform data sets.

Architecture and Integrations

In this video, find a walkthrough of the architecture of Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, including how it connects to and integrates with the Adobe Experience Platform.

Working with Data

In this video, you will learn how dataset schemas are translated into variables in Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (CJA), as well as how CJA handles very high cardinality.

Blueprint: Customer Journey Analytics

Unify and analyze data and customer behaviors from across the customer journey

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Customer Journey Analytics

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