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Last update: 2022-11-11
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This guide is intended for system administrators and integrators working in Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source. It provides detailed information about Admin security, maintenance operations, and system-wide resources that support activities across multiple organizational functions for your ecommerce business. It assumes a basic understanding of the core Commerce configuration, and functionality.

This guide covers:

Subject Description
Introduction Overview of systems and integration function within a Commerce instance.
System menu Use the System menu to access tools for data import and export, system cache and index management, user account and permissions management, backups, system notifications, and custom variables.
Admin accounts and permissions Manage the Admin user accounts and the roles that are used to grant access to store functions.
Variables Variables make it easy to personalize email and newsletter templates, and other types of content that supports your site and the customer experience.
Email templates Email templates define the layout, content, and formatting of automated messages sent from your store. They are called transactional emails because each one is associated with a specific type of transaction, or event.
Data transfer The import and export tools give you the ability to manage multiple records in a single operation. You can not only import new items, but also update, replace, and delete existing sets of products.
Action logs For Adobe COmmerce, the action logs capture every change made by an Admin user who works in your store. This allows you to track all the changes made to your store.
Tools System administrators have a collection of tools available: The support tools are designed to identify known issues in your system. System tools provide operational support to perform routine index and cache management, back up the system, manage scheduled operations, and use an assortment of developer tools.
Integrations Establish the location of OAuth credentials and provide the redirect URLs for third-party integrations.
Security Learn about the tools available to secure your store and data, and guidelines for a security action plan if your detect a compromise.

Available documentation

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