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Last update: 2023-11-27

What’s New

Get a glimpse of the newest enhancements in Adobe Campaign v8! For a comprehensive list of features, improvements, and fixes, check out the detailed Release Notes.

Campaign v8.5.1 is introducing our latest Push notification service, powered by a robust framework built on a modern cutting-edge technology. This service is designed to unlock new levels of scalability, ensuring that your notifications can reach a larger audience with seamless efficiency. With our enhanced infrastructure and optimized processes, you can expect higher scale and reliability, empowering you to engage and connect with your Mobile App users like never before. This capability is only available for a selected group of customers (Limited Availability).


The newly introduced Push notification service showcases significant improvements in throughput for both Push Android and Push iOS compared to our previous version (v8.4). Users will experience notably enhanced performance with the upgraded service in the latest version (v8.5).

  • Push Notifications (Android): up to 5x faster
  • Push Notifications (iOS): up to 2.2x faster

SMS throughput has undergone substantial enhancements through a series of optimizations, resulting in notable improvements in speed and efficiency for SMS communication. These upgrades have led to increased throughput from the previous version (v8.4) to the latest version (v8.5), encompassing both sending and feedback updates. Users can now experience the benefits of this enhanced SMS service.

  • SMS throughput: up to 5x faster

These max throughput performances have been measured by Adobe testing teams, in lab conditions.

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Key capabilities
Explore Adobe Campaign v8's key capabilities for cross-channel campaign management.
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Learn how to connect to Adobe Campaign v8 and kickstart your campaign management journey by installing and configuring the Client Console.

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Learn how to send messages across various channels such as email, SMS, push notifications among others.
Import profiles
Explore profile creation in the Adobe Campaign v8 database with ease. Add profiles manually or through imports, refining customer data and customizing campaigns effortlessly.

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