Data Sources template overview

Information about the Data Sources template, which provides a data framework suitable for submitting a specific set of external data to Data Sources.

The template file generated by this Wizard is designed to get you started with the import. You are not limited to the columns defined in the template. You can add any additional columns as needed, as long as the metric or definition is supported for the selected data processing type.

You can view the supported metrics and dimensions for each type in the following sections:

For example, for a Visitor ID data type, you can add a column for any metric or dimensions listed in Visitor ID.

Once created, you can download the template, input your data into the template, then upload the data to the Data Sources FTP site. Once processed by the Data Sources server, the imported data is available for use in your marketing reports.

The Data Source template is a .txt file that you can open with any text editor. However, it is easiest to work with the template using Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet application. The template content varies based on your selections in the Data Source Activation Wizard.

See Import File Reference for additional details.

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