Current Adobe Customer Journey Analytics release notes (February 2024)

Last update: 2024-02-20
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Last update: February 20, 2024

These release notes cover the release period of end of February 14, 2024 through March 11, 2024. Adobe Customer Journey Analytics releases operate on a continuous delivery model which allows for a more scalable, phased approach to feature deployment. Accordingly, these release notes get updated several times a month. Please check them regularly.

New or updated features

Feature Description Rollout starts General Availability
Time-series forecasting Forecasting is a new Analysis Workspace feature used to forecast a standard or calculated metric with any supported time granularity (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) for freeform tables and line charts. January 31, 2024 February 21, 2024
Media Analytics Reporting - Average Minute Audience (AMA) The Average Minute Audience panel is now available in CJA. Media Analytics customers can use the Average Minute Audience panel to better understand average consumption of their content. Average minute audience enables comparisons of programming of any length or genre. In addition, customers can compare or append this digital average minute audience to linear TV average minute metrics. This panel gives more flexibility to measure the average audience for custom time periods, as well as when the duration classification has been updated after the fact. February 2024
Row count metrics for lookup and profile data Row count metrics for datasets, configured as part of a connection, now include records added, skipped, or deleted from profile and lookup datasets. February 14, 2024
Experience Edge bot detection Bot detection allows you to identify events generated by Web SDK, Mobile SDK and Server API as being generated by known spiders and bots. April 29, 2024
Usage metrics The usage metrics interface shows the usage of ingested and reportable rows across all connections. This interface lets you determine whether your Customer Journey Analytics usage complies with what is contractually agreed upon. February 20, 2024 Early March, 2024
Adobe Product Analytics: Share with Anyone Lets you share a read-only link to Adobe Product Analytics projects with people who don’t have access to Product Analytics. February 21, 2024
Adobe Product Analytics: Apply calculated metrics You can now access calculated metrics created in Analysis Workspace or the Calculated Metric builder in the Trends: Usage view, enabling you to trend and compare metrics over time. February 16, 2024
Updated links in Data views and Connections UIs At the beginning of March, Adobe plans to update the following links in the Customer Journey Analytics product user interface. Please update your bookmarks accordingly. March 2024

Fixes in Customer Journey Analytics

AN-333172; AN-336887; AN-337402; AN-337593; AN-338482; AN-338684; AN-339883; AN-340200

Important notices for Customer Journey Analytics Administrators

Notice Notice added or updated Description
Adobe API object member additions January 17, 2024 Adobe may add optional request and response members (name/value pairs) to existing API objects without notice or changes in versioning. Such additions should be non-breaking changes for your implementation. Adobe recommends that you refer to the API documentation of any third-party tool you integrate with our APIs so that such additions are ignored in processing if not understood. Adobe will not remove parameters or add required parameters without first providing standard notification through release notes.

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