FAQs for enterprise admins

Connector and file access issues

Why are Dropbox and other connectors still available in the UI despite this being set to False in AppConfig XML?

False does not disable the feature. In MAM scenarios (where Adobe’s XML is used), False merely specifies whether a location is managed or unmanaged. There is no way to disable the UI under MAM. If an organization needs that level of control, they should be using MDM.


Secure policies using MAM protect managed documents from being copied to unmanaged locations and vice versa; therefore, having a location visible under MAM does not result in security vulnerability.

Are the MDM AppConfig XML preferences and Intune MAM incompatible on iOS?

No. It’s important to understand the distinction between MDM and MAM usage. Under MDM, an organization can completely control a device, including its file access, app installs, and so on. Under MAM, the user owns the device and so personal and business files must coexist on the same device. This is why it is not possible in MAM to disable the UI for file locations like Dropbox. What is possible is specifying what locations are managed and unmanaged. Acrobat supports the following:

  • Providing a user with two IDs: one personal and one enterprise.

  • Specifying which locations should be managed and unmanaged (often the same as “business” vs “personal”–but that’s up to the admin.

  • Automatically securing managed docs so they cannot be used in unmanaged workflows.

Why can my users still access company files with a personal account?

Set your policies to prevent such access using MAM. All company files should be “managed”.

issues

Why are my users getting the Microsoft access error on log in: “You can’t get there from here”?

This error is caused by a Microsoft conditional access issue. For example, the app may need to run in the U.S., but not Asia. The admin should configure their policies as needed or contact Microsoft Support.

Why can’t some users sign in via SSO?

There is likely an SSO setup problem related to your policies or configuration. This is not an Acrobat-related problem.

Unsupported features

How can I disable saving files locally to the device?

This feature is unsupported. Managed files are encrypted and save locally in a secure location.

Can I open a PDF portfolio?

No. The portfolio feature was deprecated several years ago.

Can I open DRM (right’s-protected) files?

No. This feature is unsupported at this time.