Enterprise Basics

Mobile app distribution license

A distribution license is free. Always deploy the latest installer since feature support, security, and performance improves with each release.

Version and build numbers

To determine version and build number on both iOS and Android, tap the profile icon > About Adobe Acrobat.


End of life policy

Adobe only supports the latest release. Each update replaces the previous version since it is always more secure and more functional.

Language support

Available languages include those listed in the table below. Language support is as follows:

  • The Android and iOS products support the same languages.

  • There is only one installer which supports all languages.

  • The language is determined by the device OS.

  • If the OS language is not supported by Acrobat, the product defaults to English.

Language tiers


Supported languages

Tier 1

English, French, German, Japanese

Tier 2

Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Danish

Tier 3

Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean

Tier 4

Russian, Turkish, Czech, Polish

Product distribution

A Distribution License Agreement is required for:

  • Corporations and organizations that want to distribute Acrobat Reader or the Acrobat Reader mobile app on a company intranet site or local network.

  • Commercial vendors that want to bundle Acrobat Reader or the Acrobat Reader mobile app on physical media such as a CD or DVD, on OEM hardware such as computers and mobile devices, or with OEM hardware such as scanners.

If you are planning a multi-user distribution, complete the distribution agreement.

Data collection

A data logging mechanism enables Adobe to collect a small amount of data that can help improve the product. All data is combined across users and devices, and there is no way Adobe can identify a specific device or user from which this information is collected. This data does not include any private data or personally identifiable information.


Users always have complete flexibility to opt-out of Adobe’s analytics collection at any point. On opt-out, the product immediately stops sending any data back to Adobe’s servers. A user can always decide to opt-in at a later point.