Documentation Updates

This page lists all the documentation updates for Journey Orchestration.
You can also consult the Journey Orchestration Release Notes.

July 2022 july-2022

  • In the journey properties, the Profile Time zone option is now disabled by default. Read more
  • In the Wait activity, the Fixed date option is no longer available. Read more

June 2022 june-2022

  • New query examples have been added to this page

March 2022 march-2022

  • Added an example on how to add an expression as a default value in the expression editor. Read more

February 2022 feb-2022

  • The replace and replaceAll function documentation pages have been updated with additional information and examples regarding the target parameter.
  • Best practices have been added to the Operators page.

September 2021

August 2021

  • Updated the configuration procedure for custom actions with dynamic URL paths and dynamic headers. Read more
  • Added a section about accessibility features. Read more
  • Added a section about segment evaluation methods. Read more

March 2021 march-2021

  • We have detailed the full procedure to create test profiles in Adobe Experience Platform. Read more.

January 2021 january-2021

  • Added best practices when triggering a journey at the same time as a profile creation. Read more.

October 2020 october-2020

  • Information has been added on how to configure a timeout for an event. Read more.

September 2020 september-2020

  • The interface description section has been updated to reflect the new All selector menu. Read more
  • Added a note on segment-based journeys’ new versions that are not recurrent.

August 2020 august-2020

  • Added information on how to sort and choose the columns to display in the segments list. Read more
  • Added information on how to copy a segment’s name and ID after it has been selected. Read more
  • Occurrences of Experience Platform have been harmonized across the different pages.

July 2020 july-2020

  • Added a link to a new tutorial video on step events reporting to Adobe Experience Platform. Read more
  • The events activities section has been reorganized into dedicated sub-sections for each type of events. Read more
  • Added best practices to avoid overload with segment qualification. Read more
  • Added a note to explain how to make a journey continue after an error in an action or a condition. Read more
  • Added a new section on the Alpha features that are tested among a limited set of customers.
  • Added a new section on the integration with Intelligent Services. Read more
  • Added a new section on the test profile creation. Read more
  • Added information on how to use the SegmentQualification node in a journey condition or action. Read more
  • A note has been added on Campaign transactional message and event publication. See Working with Adobe Campaign and Using Adobe Campaign actions.
  • Information has been added on the checks that are performed when testing the Campaign Standard instance URL. Read more
  • Information has been added on reaction events compatibility with Campaign Standard instances hosted on AWS or Azure servers. Read more
  • A note has been added on the need to setup a capping rule when working with Campaign Standard transactional messaging. Read more
  • A note has been added on the generation of real events when triggering events using the test mode. Read more

June 2020 june-2020

  • Added information on how to change the cache duration of the token for a custom authentication data source. Read more
  • Updated screenshots and text to reflect the renaming of the Finished journey state which has been changed to Closed (no entrance).
  • Added information on how the language is defined for the interface. Read more
  • The list of statuses of an individual’s journey has been moved to the Test mode logs section.

April 2020 april-2020

  • Added a new section on experience event schema definition to help users configure their first event. Read more
  • The home page for Journey Orchestration documentation has been updated with additional useful links. Read more

March 2020 march-2020

  • Added parameter descriptions for actionExecutionErrors and fetchErrors in test logs section. Read more
  • The limitations on custom actions used in a journey have been updated. You can also modify the URL field and the Authentication parameters. Read more
  • New contextual help entries have been added. The custom authentication payload pane (in actions and data sources) now includes a help icon that links to this section.
  • Closed journeys can now be stopped. Read more
  • The interface description section has been reorganized. Read more
  • The triggering of multiple events has been added to the Test mode section Read more
  • The Test mode section has been updated regarding the new Wait time in test parameter. Read more
  • The Test log section has been updated with external call error codes and responses. Read more
  • Timezone management is now centralized in the journey properties panel. Read more here and here
  • The Journey designer section has been updated to reflect recent enhancements. Read more
  • The interface description has been updated with information on contextual help. Read more
  • When browsing XDM fields, the friendly name is now displayed. Related sections have been updated. Read more

February 2020 february-2020

  • The shortcut section has been updated. The C keyboard shortcut allows you to create a new item in all list screens. Read more
  • The data source and action overview pages have been improved.

January 2020 january-2020

December 2019 december-2019

  • All screenshots have been updated to reflect interface changes.
  • The test mode section has been updated. Read more
  • Stopped journeys can now be deleted. Related documentation pages have been updated.
  • Two colors are now displayed when issues are detected in a journey. Red for errors and orange for warnings. Read more
  • The advanced expression editor section has been updated. Read more.
  • Conditional instruction and Collection management sections have been moved and updated.
  • The functions section has been updated with new examples.
  • The toDateTime function documentation has been updated to reflect timezone syntax changes.