My Workspace in Assets Essentials

Learn how to work more efficiently using My Workspace’s user-configurable widgets.

I want to quickly show you Asset Essentials Customizable My Workspace. Simply log into Asset Essentials and select My Workspace from the left sidebar.
My Workspace offers user configurable widgets presenting relevant context and content to users allowing them to work more efficiently.
My Workspace widgets are configurable on a per user basis so I can configure exactly the widgets I want to be displayed on My Workspace via the customized button in the top right.
Widgets can be toggled on and off and rearranged based on my needs. The list of widgets will grow over time so keep an eye out for new additions. But a few to highlight are the task widget which provides quick access to all tasks relevant to you including tasks assigned to you under My Tasks or tasks that have been assigned or completed.
You can, of course, interact with tasks directly through this widget.
Another helpful widget is the content widget that displays your recently viewed assets.
You can, of course, sort the results as well as change their display view.
There are also specific widgets only available to Asset Essentials administrators. So I’ll have my user granted Asset Essentials administrator access and let’s check these administrative widgets out. Okay, now that I’m an admin, I have another widget option.
The insights widget displays statistics about my Asset Essentials installation, and if I click in via view all, I can get more detailed information such as these download and upload graphs showing exactly how my Asset Essentials environment is being used.
As mentioned before, keep an eye out for new widgets that are added in the future and you can even use the new features coming soon widget to do just that.
Well, I hope this gives you an idea of how easy it is to customize your Asset Essentials My Workspace and streamline how you do your work. -