Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials overview assets-essentials

Adobe offers robust Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions for you to get the most out of your digital assets. Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials is Adobe’s lightweight asset management solution to store, manage, discover, and use digital assets.

What is Assets Essentials? assets-essemtials-overview

Experience Manager Assets Essentials is a lightweight edition of Adobe Experience Manager Assets Cloud Service. Assets Essentials provides unified asset management and collaboration with a simplified, modern user interface. The easy-to-use solution enables more creative and marketing teams to store, discover, and distribute digital assets.

Assets Essentials enables you to:

  • Manage, organize, and govern assets at a central location.

  • Collaborate on content development across teams.

  • Access, search, and find final approved assets.

  • Share and download assets for downstream delivery.

How to access Assets Essentials? access-options

Assets Essentials offers a standalone web user interface for end users and administrators, giving them access to all the solution’s capabilities. Users of other Adobe solutions can also access and work with assets from Assets Essentials via an embedded experience, which is available in Creative Cloud for enterprise, Adobe Journey Optimizer, and Adobe Workfront applications.

Integrations with other solutions

Why Assets Essentials? assets-essentials-features

Assets Essentials provides key benefits, allowing you to:

  • Get started quickly with out-of-the-box asset management tools.

  • Extend access to assets to more teams to deliver consistent customer experiences with simplified asset management.

  • Unify content lifecycle with native integrations into other Adobe solutions.

  • Leverage a cloud-based platform, secure and ready to scale anytime, anywhere.

  • Start with essential DAM capabilities and grow to enterprise DAM.

Get started quickly

Assets Essentials solution is provided to customers by Adobe and available after the provisioning process completes. Administrators get access to the product in Adobe Admin Console and can immediately start system configuration and user onboarding.

Learn more on the Assets Essentials administration and user onboarding.

Simplified asset management

Assets Essentials simplified user interface makes it easy to manage, discover, and distribute your digital assets. A broad set of users from across different functions, including creative, marketing and line-of-business teams can collaborate on assets and access the right, approved assets when and where they need them.

For more information, see Get started with your asset management needs using Assets Essentials.

Integration with other Adobe applications

Assets Essentials integrates with the supported Adobe solutions and provides an embedded experience from within the interfaces of these applications. It lets users easily access assets they need directly in their application. All users can work with the same, centrally managed assets in their familiar tools and applications.

The embedded Assets Essentials experience is available for Creative Cloud for enterprise, Adobe Journey Optimizer, and Adobe Workfront applications.

For more information, see Integration with other Adobe solutions.

Cloud-based platform

Based on Adobe cloud infrastructure, Assets Essentials allows organizations to focus on their business needs around creating, managing, and distributing digital assets. In addition, Adobe ensures that the solution is available, secure, scalable and always up-to-date, with product innovations provided to users seamlessly via frequent updates.

Grow-with-you capabilities

Get up and running with Assets Essentials quickly to benefit from key Digital Asset Management capabilities across various teams.

When your business needs grow and you need support for advanced Digital Asset Management requirements, such as customizations, extensibility and integrations, automation, Dynamic Media, and Brand Portal, Adobe also offers Adobe Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service.

Next Steps next-steps

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