Workfront Admin Console landing page

Prepare to onboard your organization to the Adobe Admin Console migration check-list:

Migration Check-list

  • Identify the desired Adobe Admin Console where you would like to add Workfront.

    If you already have other Adobe Products, please confirm your willingness to add Adobe Workfront to your current Adobe Admin Console. If you need more information, please use this link to understand the best practices for managing your Adobe products.

  • Please refer to the following link for help with your deployment.

  • If utilizing Single Sign On, you will need to connect the new Adobe Admin Console to your existing SSO provider.

  • Ensure duplicate emails are removed and only valid email addresses are used.

  • If you are utilizing custom API integrations, confirm those users have a valid email address that they can access.

    Workfront Recommends updating all custom integrations to utilize OAuth2.

Once you have your console configured, please refer to this link to see how to manage users within your Adobe Admin Console.

Want to jump to the front of the line and migrate early? Let us know here.