Adobe Workfront Support Overview

Adobe Workfront is joining into Adobe Admin Console Platform.

In the coming months, customers will be contacted to coordinate a migration to the Adobe Identity and Admin Console, an even more secure and functional system administrative console. Here are some benefits for the upcoming change:

  • Authenticate to Workfront and other products by using a single Adobe identity.
  • Manage user entitlements separately between production and sandbox or preview environments.
  • Utilize Multiple SSO configurations for Workfront users.
  • Manage entitlements to Workfront in the same way as other Adobe products.

For an in-depth review of Adobe Identity and Admin console, you can reference this support page. There is also a comparison of current Workfront console and new Adobe console here.

Additionally, there is an FAQ available for reference here.

Customer Migration Details

Existing customers will be contacted to schedule migrations beginning in July of 2022. Our migration team support colleagues will walk customers through the process, advise on Console set up, and provide links to documentation needed to make the move as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Net New customers beginning in July of 2022 will automatically be placed on Adobe Admin Console and require no further actions.