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Once you have defined the target and created the content of a message, you need to prepare and test your deliveries’ content, personalization, rendering and configuration. This allows you to make sure that everything is correct before sending the message to the main target. To do this, multiple functionalities are available like preview, proofs, email subject line testing, or email rendering.

Once marketing campaigns have been executed and the different messages have been sent, monitor them using logs to check the success of your campaign, and retrieve tracking information on the recipients.

Finally, leverage deliverability guidelines and tools available in Campaign Standard to improve the number of delivered messages and ensure successful marketing campaigns.

Discover how to send a test email, prepare and send an email delivery in video

Prepare and test prepare-test-send


Campaign Standard message preparation analyzes the target, the personalization and the validity of the message. Errors detected during this step must be corrected before being able to proceed further.

Preview and test your messages using various capabilities: send proofs to test profiles or tageted profiles, test your emails’ subject line, and check the rendering of your messages to make sure that it will display in an optimal way on a variety of web clients, web mails and devices.

Leverage Campaign scheduling capabilities to define when your messages will be sent. For example, you can adapt sending at the recipient’s timezone, optimize the sending time or compute the sending date.

Use typologies to check during the preparation wether your message is valid and meets your quality criteria through fatigue, control and targeting rules. For example, to check that your emails always contain a subject line, or to exclude unsubscribers from the message recipients.

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Send, monitor and track send-track-messages


Once your message is ready, you can confirm the sending and access logs and reports to monitor the delivery and measure the success of your campaign. Adobe Campaign also provides an email alerting system to keep track of delivery successes or failures, as well as quarantine management capabilities.

Track the behavior of the message recipients by using session and permanent cookies to retrieve tracking information (clicked URLs, mirror pages, opened messages…).

Finally, you can configure Adobe Campaign to keep a copy of emails sent from your platform through Email BCC. In particular, if your organization needs to archive all outbound email messages for compliance, you can enable this capability.

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Deliverability guidelines improve-deliverability


Deliverability allows to measure the success of your campaigns reaching your recipients’ inbox without bouncing, or being marked as spam.

Campaign Standard provides several deliverability tools to help you improve the number of successfully delivered messages: delivery throughput reports, sending time optimization, messages preview, email rendering, quarantine management, etc.

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