Key steps to send a message key-steps-to-send-a-message

In this section, you will learn how to create and send personalized messages to a targeted audience using Adobe Campaign Standard.

Specific information on how to create and configure each communication channel is available in these sections:

To learn the delivery best practices, consult the Delivery best practices section.

Create your message

Leverage Campaign Standard marketing activities to create an email, SMS, direct mail, push notification or In-App message.

Messages can be created either from the marketing activities list or from a workflow using dedicated activities.

Define the audience

Define the recipients of your message. To do this, use the query editor from the left pane to filter data contained in your database and build rules to target your audience.

There are several types of audiences available:

  • Target is the main target of your email,
  • Test profiles are the profiles used to test and validate your email (see Managing test profiles).

Design and personalize content

In the Content block, design and personalize the content of your message using fields from your database. For more information on how to design content for a specific channel, refer to the sections listed at the top of this page.

Prepare and test

Prepare the message. This process calculates the target population and prepares the personalized message.

Check and test your message before sending it using Campaign Standard capabilities: preview, email rendering, proofing, etc. For more on this, refer to this section.

Use the Schedule block to define when your messages will be sent (see Scheduling messages).

Send and track

Once your message is ready, you can confirm the send. The Deployment block displays the send progress and the result.

Several logs are available to help you monitor the delivery of your messages (see monitoring a delivery). You can also track the behavior of your delivery recipients thanks to Campaign Standard’s tracking functionalities.

Measure the effectiveness of your messages and the evolution of your sends and campaigns through various indicators and charts (see Accessing reports).