Managing test profiles managing-test-profiles

About test profiles about-test-profiles

The test profiles allow you to target additional recipients who do not match the defined targeting criteria. They are added to a message’s audience to detect any fraudulent use of your recipient database or to ensure the emails arrive in the inboxes.

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You can manage your test profiles from the advanced menu Profiles & audiences > Test profiles.

A test profile contains fictitious contact information, or contact information controlled by the sender, that can then be used in a message in the following contexts:

  • For sending Proofs: The Proof is a specific message used to check the message before sending the finalized delivery to recipients. A Proof test profile is in charge of checking the delivery, with regard to its content and format. See Sending proofs.

  • For Email rendering: The Email rendering test profile is used to check the way in which a message is displayed according to the message inbox that receives it. For example, webmail, message service, mobile, etc. See Email rendering.

    The Email rendering use is read-only. Test profiles with this use are only available out-of-the-box in Adobe Campaign.

  • As a Trap: The message is sent to the test profile just as it is sent to the main target. See Using traps.

  • To Preview messages: A test profile can be selected when previewing a message to test the personalization elements. See Previewing messages.

Creating test profiles creating-test-profiles

  1. From the advanced menu, via the Adobe Campaign logo, select Profiles & audiences > Test profiles to access the list of test profiles.

  2. From the Test profiles dashboard, click Create.

  3. Enter the data for this profile.

  4. Select the use you intend for your test profile.

  5. Enter the contact channels Email, Telephone, Mobile, Mobile app, as well as the test profile address if necessary.

    note note
    You can define a preferred email format: Text or HTML.
  6. Specify an event type and the data for this event if you want to use this test profile for testing the personalization of a transactional message.

  7. Click Create to save the test profile.

The test profile will then be added to the list of profiles.

Editing test profiles editing-test-profiles

To edit a test profile and consult the data that is linked to it, or to modify it:

  1. Select the test profile you would like to edit by clicking on its image.

  2. Consult or modify the fields.

  3. Click Save if you have entered your changes, or select the name of the test profile then Test profiles in the section at the top of the screen to go back to the test profiles dashboard.

Tutorial video video

This video shows how to create a test profile.

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