Activate Authenticated Segments from Universal ID partners

To activate authenticated audiences through a universal ID solution within Advertising DSP, your segments must be translated into RampIDs, which are recognizable in a biddable environment. You can accomplish this by either:

  • Leveraging the DSP integration with the Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) and the Adobe-LiveRamp Retrieval API.

  • Manually sending authenticated segments to DSP from the LiveRamp Connect dashboard.


  1. For either option, contact to enable the following settings in DSP, which will allow you to target authenticated segments in DSP campaigns once all steps in the activation workflow are completed:

    • LiveRamp RampID campaign configuration before segment sharing from Real-Time CDP

    • The account-level “LiveRamp segments” option

  2. (Users manually sharing authenticated segments from LiveRamp) Complete the following steps in the LiveRamp Connect dashboard:

    1. Activate the destination tile AAC API 1P Onboarding.

    2. Set Identifier Settings to Ramp ID only.

      Identifier settings

    3. (Optional) If you want to still receive cookie-based identifiers, create a second AAC API 1P Onboarding destination tile with “Cookies,” "IDFA,” and “AAID” selected.

Best Practices for Testing and Data Validation

  • Target RampID-based segments and cookie-based segments in separate campaigns.

    • Campaign settings allow for only one identifier to be prioritized.

    • Currently, RampIDs aren’t retrievable during on-site events. This means that certain custom goals, such as Lowest CPA and ROAS, aren’t available with the use of authenticated segments. Use cookie-based segments only if you have a restrictive performance KPI.

  • Create one placement in both the RampID and cookie-based campaigns.

    • Target the segments that are shared from LiveRamp using the standard segment activation process.

    • Work with your Adobe Advertising support team to validate proper data distribution.

To learn more about the DSP integration with LiveRamp, contact