Known Issues in Adobe Workfront

This page contains issues currently identified in Adobe Workfront.


For information regarding server uptime or outages, see For information about issues that were recently fixed, see Workfront Maintenance Updates.


These recently reported issues are currently under review.

Issue Last Modified
Documents: Summary panel returns to top when clicking three-dot menu January 31, 2023
Documents: “That page doesn’t exist” error when opening or downloading a document January 31, 2023
Projects: Project converted from issue does not inherit permissions from portfolio or program January 30, 2023
Documents: “Invalid response” error when opening or downloading a document January 30, 2023
Documents: Cannot restore deleted document January 18, 2023
Proofs: Proof generation is extremely slow October 27, 2022
Proofs: Print summary does not display all pages of proof October 19, 2022

In Progress

Fixes for these issues are currently in progress, or are scheduled for the near future.

Issue Last Modified
Groups: Subgroups do not reveive notifications based on Group event notification settings February 2, 2023
Setup: Audit logs do not export January 30, 2023
Summary: Cannot scroll Summary panel January 30, 2023
Users: Scheduled deactivation does not deactivate user January 26, 2023
Documents: Cannot restore deleted document January 20, 2023
Reports: “Whoops” error when adding a new issue to an issue report November 14, 2022
Workfront: Issues submitting a Workfront support case on Experience League August 2 2022

No Fix

Fixes for these issues are not currently on the roadmap. In some cases, these issues will be fixed by new features or feature updates.

Issue Last Modified
Custom forms: “Invalid custom expression” message when referencing “owner” in a calculated field January 20, 2023
Integrations: Cannot open Workfront for G Suite January 12, 2023
Home: Completed proofs stuck in the Work List January 10, 2023
Custom forms: Cannot use field in calculation if field name contains apostrophes or quotation marks January 6, 2023
Projects: Project status does not follow Group project preferences January 6, 2023
Proofs: Proof status does not update in Document lists December 5, 2022
Tasks: Hours are not saved when entering hours in the Task Summary panel December 2, 2022
Projects: Performance issues and error message when creating a project from a template December 2, 2022
Custom forms: Cross-object custom forms require Manage or Edit access to edit fields November 21, 2022
Notifications: Users not notified when mentioned or included in a comment November 11, 2022
API: Cannot sort by dynamic fields October 31, 2022
Setup: Lists load slowly in Setup October 28, 2022
Proofs: Proof is not shared to users on the Proof Workflow September 18, 2022
Proofs: Active Proof Stages field is blank September 14, 2022
Dashboards: Report charts viewed in a dashboard use different colors than when viewed in the report August 5, 2022
Home: Custom terminology is not applied to Home area June 3, 2022
Agile: Cannot edit fields from custom forms on cards May 11, 2022
Layout Templates: Cannot select group when creating a Layout Template May 4, 2022
Agile: Issues when moving cards on the Agile board April 27, 2022
Approvals: Approval delegation is set for the incorrect number of days April 20, 2022
Home: New Task option showing deactivated users in Assign To field October 1, 2021
Updates: Team name not appearing in @mention October 1, 2021
Calendars: Issues with Time Off calendar June 25, 2021
Agile: Discrepancy in Completed Points for an iteration June 22, 2021
Home: Reply in Proof button behavior is inconsistent June 21, 2021
Email Notifications: “I’m assigned to an issue” setting is displaying June 2, 2021
Email Notifications: User isn’t directed to comment thread April 23, 2021
Calendars: OR filter statement excluding filter rule April 23, 2021
Workfront Proof: Proof Approval report can’t accurately determine deadlines April 21, 2021
Reports: Cannot scroll report horizontally when viewing on dashboard March 30, 2021
Home: Project Name shows as a GUID in the Work List February 11, 2021
Documents: Proof workflow icon is not displaying January 25, 2021
Reports: Calendar defaults to old dates February 5, 2021
Email Notifications: Emails are not formatting correctly in Outlook March 30, 2021
Home: Unable to view the document image in the Work List November 9, 2020
Lists: Display name is not being applied to custom field grouping November 9, 2020
Home: Approval delegation dates changing after the refresh and sending out 2 emails November 9, 2020
Calendar: Tasks not displaying November 9, 2020

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