Get started with email design

You can import an existing content in Journey Optimizer or leverage content design capabilities:

  • Use Journey Optimizer email designing capabilities to design or import responsive emails. Learn more

  • Leverage Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials to enrich your emails, build and manage your own assets database. Learn more

  • Find Adobe Stock photos to build your content and improve your email design. Learn more

  • Enhance customers’ experience by creating personalized and dynamic messages based on their profile attributes. Learn more about personalization and dynamic content.

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Once you have added an email to a journey or a campaign, you can start creating your email content.

  1. From the journey or campaign configuration screen, go through the Edit content screen to access the Email Designer. Learn more

  2. On the Email Designer home page, choose how you want to design your email from the following options:

    • Design your email from scratch through the email designer’s interface and leverage images from Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials. Learn how to design your email content in this section.

    • Code or paste raw HTML directly in the email designer. Learn how to code your own content in this section.


      In a campaign, you can also select the Code Editor button from the Edit content screen. Learn more

    • Import existing HTML content from a file or a .zip folder. Learn how to import an email content in this section.

    • Select an existing content from a list of built-in or custom templates. Learn how to work with email templates this section.

  3. Once your email content has been defined and personalized, you can export your content for validation or for later use. Click Export HTML to save on your computer a zip file which will include your HTML and assets.

How-to video

Learn how to create email content with the message editor.

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