Adobe Commerce Catalog Management Guide

Last update: 2022-09-26
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This guide is intended for product merchandisers and inventory managers working in Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source. It provides detailed information about product catalog features, including the building the navigation structures for a catalog. It assumes a basic understanding of the core Commerce configuration, and functionality.

This guide covers:

Subject Description
Introduction Overview of using the catalog management features to reflect how you want customers to find products in your store.
Catalog menu Use the Catalog menu to access multiple features for managing catalogs, categories, and products for your store.
Catalog and product URLs Review the basic URL types and how you can design your URLs to maximize search engine optimization.
Catalog navigation Use the navigation tools to define the way that your shoppers move from page to page throughout your store.
Catalog search Review the tools that customers can use to locate products on the storefront, and configure the search experience according to your product catalog.
Categories Establish the basic category structure of your catalog in a way that optimizes the shopper experience on your storefront.
Products Create products from simple to complex with multiple options, swatches, customizable bundles. Create downloadable products, and virtual products for services and other non-tangible items.
Product attributes Create attributes with input controls for product options, and to provide additional information on product pages.

B2B for Adobe Commerce gives you the ability to maintain gated shared catalogs with custom pricing for different companies. In addition to the standard, primary, product catalog, it provides customer access to two types of shared catalogs with different pricing structures. For more information about the shared catalog feature, see the B2B for Adobe Commerce User Guide.

Available documentation

Documentation resource Description
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Services for Adobe Commerce Documentation Documentation to support a collection of services that help merchants integrate key components of their business with their store.
Commerce on Cloud Infrastructure Guide Step-by-step procedures for deploying Adobe Commerce on a managed, automated hosting Cloud platform.
Adobe Commerce 2.4 Operational Guides Systems documentation about the concepts, processes, tools, and best practices to develop, deploy, and maintain projects deployed on Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source platforms.
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