Create an Audience Source to Activate First-Party Audiences

Create a source to import audiences to your DSP account or an advertiser account. Currently, you can import audiences from the Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Profile (CDP).


After you create a source for the Real-Time CDP, you’ll need to activate your Real-Time CDP audiences through the Adobe Advertising DSP destination within Real-Time CDP to begin importing them. See the steps in the activation workflow.

  1. In the main menu, click Audiences > Sources.

  2. Click Add Source.

  3. In the Select a Type menu, select the source type.

    RT-CDP: This source type, for the Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Profile, is the only option.

  4. Specify the Data Visibility Level: Advertiser or Account.

  5. Enter the remaining source settings.

    Keep a copy of the Source Key that is generated. You’ll need the value later.

  6. Click Save.

  7. In Experience Platform, create an Advertising DSP destination connection using the Source Key that was generated in the DSP source settings.

    For instructions for activating the DSP destination connection, selecting segments, and accessing control permissions, see “Adobe Advertising Cloud DSP connection.”

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