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Once your content has been defined, you can use test profiles to preview its content before sending the message. This is a crucial step to ensure that it is accurate but also free of errors both in content and personalization settings.

In addition, you can also send test deliveries (proofs) of your email messages to specific recipients or subscribers for testing and validation, and check their rendering in popular desktop, mobile and web-based clients.

All these actions can be performed using the Simulate Content button, which is accessible from the edit content screen of your message, or from the email and web designers for the email and web channels.

When previewing a message or sending proofs, only profile personalization data is displayed. Personalization based on context data, such as event information, can only be tested in the context of a journey. Learn how to test personalization in this use case.

➡️ Learn how to preview and proof your email in this video

Prerequisites prerequisites

To simulate content, you need to have the Manage Simulate Content permission included in the Content Library Manager product profile. Learn more.

You also need to have test profiles available to be able to preview your messages. Learn how to create test profiles

How-to video video-preview

Learn how to test email rendering across inboxes, how to preview your personalized emails against test profiles, and send proofs.