Send email proofs send-proofs

A proof is a specific message that allows you to test a message before sending it to the main audience. Recipients of the proof are in charge of approving the message: rendering, content, personalization settings, configuration.

Once test profiles are selected, you can send proofs.

  1. In the Simulate screen, click the Send proof button.

  2. From the Send proof window, type in your recipient’s email and click Add to send the proof to yourself or members of your organizations.

    Note that you can add up to ten recipients for your proof delivery.

  3. Select the Test profiles to use to personalize the message content.

    Each recipient of the proof receives as many messages as the number of selected test profiles. For example, if you added five recipient emails and selected ten test profiles, then you will send fifty proof messages, and each recipient will receive ten of them.

  4. You can add a prefix to the subject line of the proof if needed. Only alphanumeric characters and special characters such as . - _ ( ) [ ] are allowed as prefix to the subject line.

  5. Click Send proof.

  6. Back in the Simulate screen, click the View proofs button to check status.

It is recommended to send proofs after each modification to the message content.

In the proof sent, the link to the mirror page is not active. It is only activated in the final messages.