Select test profiles select-test-profiles

Before previewing or testing your content, you first need to select test profiles, which are additional recipients who do not match the defined targeting criteria. Learn how to create test profiles

To select test profiles, follow these steps:

  1. From the edit content screen of your message or in the Email Designer, click the Simulate content button.

  2. Click the Manage test profiles button then select the namespace to use to identify test profiles by clicking the Identity namespace selection icon. Learn more about Adobe Experience Platform identity namespaces.

    In the example below, we use the Email namespace.

  3. Use the search field to find the namespace, select it and click Select

  4. In the Identity value field, enter the value (here the email address) to identify the test profile and click Add profile.

  5. If you added personalization to your message, add other profiles so that you can test different variants of the message depending on profile data. Once added, profiles are listed under the selected fields.

    Based on the message personalization elements, this list displays data for each test profile in the related columns.