Review and activate a campaign review-activate

Once your campaign has been configured, you need to review its parameter and content before activating it. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In the campaign configuration screen, click Review to activate to display a summary of the campaign.

    The summary allows you to modify your campaign if necessary, and to check if any parameter is incorrect or missing.

    note important
    In case of errors, you cannot activate the campaign. Resolve the errors before proceeding.

  2. Check that your campaign is correctly configured, then click Activate.

  3. The campaign is now activated. Its status is Live, or Scheduled if you entered a start date. Learn more on campaigns statuses.

    The message configured in the campaign is sent immediately or on the specified date.

    note note
    The Completed status is automatically assigned to a campaign 3 days after it has been activated or at the campaign’s end date if it has a recurring execution.
    If no end date has been specified, the campaign will keep the Live status. To change it, you need to stop the campaign manually. Learn how to stop a campaign
  4. Once a campaign has been activated, you can check at any time its information by opening it. The summary allows you to get statistics about number of targeted profiles and delivered and failed actions.

    You can also get additional statistics in dedicated reports by clicking the Reports button. Learn more