Manage campaigns modify-stop-campaign

Once a campaign has been activated, you can modify or stop it at any time. These operations are available for campaigns with a recurring execution only.

Additionally, you can duplicate live campaigns (executed once or with a recurring execution) to create new ones, and archive completed or stopped campaigns.

Access campaigns access

Campaigns are accessible from the Campaigns menu.

By default, the list shows all campaigns with the Draft, Scheduled, and Live statuses. To display stopped, completed, and archived campaigns, you need to clear the filter.

Additionally, you can filter the list based on the campaign type and channel, or the tags that have been assigned to the campaigns when creating them. Learn how to assign tags to a campaign

Campaign statuses and alerts statuses

Campaigns can have multiple statuses:

  • Draft: The campaign is being edited, it has not been activated.
  • Activating: The campaign is being activated.
  • Processing (email campaigns only): The audience export is complete, the campaign is in being published.
  • Live: The campaign has been activated.
  • Scheduled: The campaign is configured to be activated on a specific start date.
  • Stopped: The campaign has been stopped manually. You cannot activate or reuse it anymore. Learn how to stop a campaign
  • Completed: The campaign is complete. This status is automatically assigned 3 days after a campaign has been activated, or at the campaign’s end date if it has a recurring execution.
  • Archived: The campaign has been archived. Learn how to archive campaigns
The “Open draft version” icon next to a Live or Scheduled status indicates that a new version of the campaign has been created and has not been activated yet. Learn more.

When an error occurs within one of your campaigns, a warning icon appears alongside the campaign’s status. Click on it to display information regarding the alert. These alerts may occur in various situations, such as when the campaign message has not been published or if the chosen surface is incorrect.

Modify a recurring campaign modify

To modify and create a new version of a recurring campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Open the campaign then click the Modify campaign button.

  2. A new version of the campaign is created. You can check the live version by clicking Open live version.

    In the campaigns list, activated campaigns with a draft version in progress display with a specific icon in the Status column. Click this icon to open the draft version of the campaign.

  3. Once your changes are ready, you can activate the new version of the campaign (see Review and activate a campaign).

    note important
    Activating the draft will replace the live version of the campaign.

Stop a recurring campaign stop

To stop a recurring campaign, open it then click the Stop campaign button.

Stopping a campaign will not stop an ongoing sending but it will stop a scheduled sending or the next occurences if sending is already on going.

Duplicate a campaign duplicate

You can duplicate a live campaign to create a new one. To do this, open the campaign, then click Duplicate.

Archive a campaign archive

With time, the list of campaigns keeps growing and eventually makes it more difficult to browse completed and stopped campaigns.

To prevent this, you can archive completed and stopped campaigns that you do not need anymore. To do this, click the ellipsis button then select Archive.

Archived campaigns can then be retrieved using the dedicated filter in the list. Learn how to access campaigns