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Get started with Campaign REST APIs get-started-apis

This documentation is intended for Adobe Campaign Standard customers migrating to Campaign v8.
Before performing API calls, please check the scale limitations corresponding to your license agreement. For more on this, refer to this page.

Campaign REST APIs are aimed at letting you create integrations for Adobe Campaign and build your own ecosystem by interfacing Adobe Campaign with the panel of technologies that you use.

With the Adobe Campaign REST APIs, you get access to the following functionalities:

To use the Campaign REST APIs, you need an Adobe I/O account. This is a mandatory first step to go forward and discover the API features.
For more on this, refer to this section.

The APIs we provide use standard concepts with a REST interface and JSON payloads.

All the endpoints are described extensively in this documentation with the general notions you should know for manipulating the API, the complete API reference, code examples and quick start guides. All the examples work with Postman but feel free to use your favorite REST client.

If anything is missing or seems incorrect, please ask the community.