Data Workbench end-of-life FAQ

Data Workbench’s end-of-life date is December 31, 2023.

What is included?

This announcement impacts all solutions that rely on Data Workbench, including Managed Services and On-premise Software solutions. This end-of-life only affects Data Workbench; it does not affect other features or components within Adobe Analytics.

Why is Data Workbench retiring?

With the release and continual improvement of Adobe Experience Platform, customers can combine data across channels and use them in multiple Adobe solutions. Specifically, Customer Journey Analytics allows you to take cross-channel data to perform advanced analysis on that data.

Most features and use cases currently available in Data Workbench are currently available in Adobe Experience Platform solutions. However, there are limited cases in which Data Workbench functionality is not replicated with a respective Adobe Experience Platform solution. Contact your organization’s Adobe Account Manager to discuss specific areas of feature or use case compatibility.

What is Adobe’s guidance for on-premise deployments?

Customers are encouraged to move to current Adobe solutions for advanced analytics. Legacy perpetual license customers can decide to continue using Data Workbench. However, Adobe has no plans to support or update the product, including critical bugs or security vulnerabilities. Continued use of on-premise deployments of Data Workbench past its end-of-life date is done at your organization’s own risk.

Can I purchase consulting services to help with Data Workbench?

You can purchase Adobe Professional Services until the end-of-life date. After this date, no Adobe Professional Services are available. Some external partners might choose to continue offering services for Data Workbench. If they do, it is done solely by that external partner without any endorsement by Adobe.

What solutions or products does Adobe recommend moving toward?

Adobe currently offers the following Adobe Experience Platform solutions that fulfill similar needs as Data Workbench:

  • Customer Journey Analytics: Use advanced analysis techniques like attribution, filters, flow, and fallout on multi-channel data from Adobe Experience Platform.
  • Query Service: Perform SQL queries against data from Adobe Experience Platform.
  • Data Prep: Map, transform, and validate data for more effective use in other Adobe Experience Platform solutions.

Where can I go for more information?

Contact your organization’s Adobe Account Manager for any details or questions around this end-of-life announcement.