Adobe Commerce Customer Management Guide

This guide is intended for customer service staff working in Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source. It provides detailed information about customer management features in the Commerce Admin and the customer account experience in the storefront. It assumes a basic understanding of the core Commerce configuration and functionality.

Overview of using the customer management features in the Commerce Admin.
Customer management tools
Learn how to use the Customers grid and Now Online feature in the Commerce Admin that you can use to manage your store customers.
Customer accounts
Learn how to provide an optimal experience for registered customers on the storefront, from logins to password rests, and provide shopper assistance.
Personalization at scale
Learn about the features available to personalize the shopping experience for every customer touchpoint based on immediate context and previously observed behavior.
Audience Activation
Learn about the Audience Activation extension that lets you activate Real-Time CDP audiences in Adobe Commerce to inform unique offers in the cart, dynamic blocks, and related products.
Customer groups
Learn how to use customer groups to determine which discounts are available to customers assigned to a group and the tax class that is associated with the group.
Customer segments
Define customer segments thatbyou can use to dynamically display content and promotions to specific customers, based on various properties.
Adobe Commerce B2B enables you to maintain company accounts that are tied to individual storefront customer accounts. For more information about the company accounts feature, see the Adobe Commerce B2B User Guide.

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