Update a customer profile

The left panel of the Customer Information page includes information about customer activity, addresses, order statistics, recent orders, shopping cart contents, product reviews, and newsletter subscriptions.

Customer Profile

Edit a customer account

Method 1: Quick Edit

  1. In the first column, select the checkbox of the customer account to be edited.

  2. Set the Actions column to Edit.

    note info
    The value of each value that can be updated appears in a text box. Only some values of the selected customer record can be edited from the grid.

    Quick Edit {width="700" modal="regular"}

  3. Update any of the following values, as needed:

    • Email
    • Web Site
    • Tax/VAT Number
    • Gender
  4. Click Save.

Method 2: Full Edit

  1. In the grid, find the customer record to be edited.

  2. In the Actions column on the far right, click Edit.

  3. Make the necessary changes to the company information.

    note info
    To learn more, see Update a customer profile.
  4. When complete, click Save Customer.

If you want to undo all the edits prior to saving, click Reset in the top button bar to return all changes to the last saved version.

Customer information

Customer View

The Customer View tab lists information about the customer, includes Personal Information, Reward Points Balance, and Store Credit Balance.

Account Information

The Account Information tab provides detailed information about the customer, where an Admin user can edit personal information, email, remote shopping assistance, date of birth, and attach customer to website or company.


The Addresses tab contains the customer’s default billing and shipping addresses, and any additional addresses that they frequently use.


The Orders grid contains a list of all current customer orders, the administrator can track their progress.


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The Returns tab lists the current returned customer requests.

Shopping cart

The shopping cart tab displays products that are currently in the cart, but for some reason, the purchase was not completed.

Wish List

A wish list displays a list of products that a customer can transfer to the cart later.

Gift Registry

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The Gift Registry section lists the customer’s current gift registries and the associated event.

Store Credit

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The Store credit tab displays an amount that is restored to a customer account, the admin can manage this value.


The Newsletter tab displays all emails sent to the current customer.

Billing Agreements

The Billing Agreements tab lists all PayPal billing agreements between the store and the customer.

Product Reviews

The Product Reviews tab displays all the reviews submitted by this customer.

Reward Points

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The Reward Points section shows the customer’s current balance of reward points. An Admin user can manage this value.

Button bar

Returns to the Customers page without saving changes.
Login as Customer
Allows the ability for the merchant to log in as the customer.
Delete Customer
Deletes the customer account.
Resets any unsaved changes in the customer form to their previous values.
Create Order
Creates an order that is associated with the customer account.
Reset Password
Resets the password of the customer.
Force Sign-In
Clears the tokens associated with the customer’s password and provides the administrator access to the account.
Manage Shopping Cart
Provides access to the shopping cart of a customer.
Save and Continue Edit
Saves changes and keeps the customer account open.
Save Customer
Saves changes and closes the customer account.