Report Builder toolbar

Information to help you understand the function of the buttons on the Report Builder toolbar.

After you install Report Builder and launch Excel, click Add-Ins.

Report Builder toolbar icons

Sign In: Displays the Login form so that you can sign in with your credentials or as a different user. Also displays your company name after login. See Report Builder Sign-In.

Create: Launches the Request Wizard. If you are not logged in, you are prompted to do so. See Data Requests.

Manage: Launches the Request Manager. You can view status, edit, refresh, delete, and manage all Report Builder data requests embedded in your Excel workbook. You can perform these functions on individual requests or on multiple requests at one time. See Manage Requests.

Refresh: Refreshes the data for all requests embedded in the Excel workbook. See Refresh a Request.

Format: Lets you set conditional formatting to spreadsheet cells. See Specify Conditional Formatting.

Schedule: Lets you schedule reports to send according to the time and file format that you define. See Schedule Report Requests.

Library: Launches the Workbook Library so that you can upload a Report Builder Excel workbook that you want to share. You can also download and edit shared workbooks. See Use the Workbook Library.

Options: Lets you specify whether you want to be prompted for the As Of (Now) date when refreshing requests, and lets you enable logging for troubleshooting purposes. See Options.

Locked/Unlocked: You can protect all requests in a workbook against adding and editing requests by locking the workbook. This enables offline editing of workbooks by pausing all report requests for more efficient editing. See Lock/Unlock Workbooks.

Help: Launches the Report Builder help documentation you are currently looking at.