Report Builder options

On the Options panel, you can specify the date settings, latency settings (Current Data), log information, and configure updates.

  1. In the Add-Ins toolbar, click Options :
As Of Date
Set to current date
Lets you specify or reset the As Of Date so that Report Builder uses the current date or asks you which date to use upon refresh.
Ask me to set upon refresh
Lets you set the As Of Date when refreshing a request.
Data Recency
Include Current Data
Lets you view data latency (also known as Data Recency) down to the minute in reporting, occasionally even before this data has been processed by Adobe Analytics.
When you do not use this option, finalized mode (processed) is used, which is typically more latent.
This setting applies to all requests in the workbook that are compatible Current Data. If the request is not compatible, the finalized mode is applied.
Note the following situations for using the Include Current Data mode:
Format Options: You can specify whether to display this information (Data Recency) when formatting display headers.
Breakdowns: Not supported. If the Data Recency mode is set to the Current Data, and one of the requests contains a break-down element, this request reverts to non-current data mode. Other requests, however, continue to use Current Data mode.
Request Manager: You can view a Current Data column in the Request Manager, so that you can see if the setting is applied to a scheduled request.
Scheduled Workbooks: This mode is stored during the scheduling process at the workbook level. If you open a scheduled workbook that is using finalized data, and apply Include Current Data, current mode is used thereafter.
Permissions: For users who do not have access to current data, this option is hidden. When enabling this option, if one or more requests cannot be applied, a warning is issued.
Disable Current Data incompatible request warnings
Displays warnings if the Include Current Data mode is selected but the data mode cannot be applied to the edited request. For example, if you set Include Current Data, and then edit a request that has a segment selected, a warning is issued.
Log Report Builder requests to local file (for troubleshooting)
Lets you log requests to a local file. Use this log file for troubleshooting.
Interpret typed value…
Interprets a typed value in a filter control as a cell location before considering it a filter expression.
For example if you create a Top 10 Page request, using a filter shoes, the request would display a cell containing something similar to: Filter: Top 1-10 Page, Page contains Shoes
Update when a new version is available
Tells the system to notify you if a new version is available for installation.