Refresh a request

Refresh requests after you update them with edits, filters, or you need to view more recent data. You can select several requests in a worksheet and refresh them all at the same time.

If you increase a request’s date range and then refresh the request, Report Builder adds cells to accommodate the added number of time periods.

  1. Create and run a request.

  2. After you change the request, right-click the request, then choose Refresh Request from the shortcut menu. (Alternatively, click in the request, then click Refresh in the toolbar.)

    The system displays the Refresh Requests form:

    Now Date: The date on which you want to base the refresh. Also known as the As Of date.

    Set to Current date on Future Refresh Actions: Enabling this option tells Report Builder to always use the current date as the Now (or As Of) date. You can revert this setting by clicking Options in the toolbar.

  3. Click OK.

    When a refresh is successful, the system reports this with a green icon on the Request Manager.