Manage requests - definitions

View detais of a request status and use the field descriptions to manage requests in Report Builder.

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The Request Manager provides a detailed view of the status of all requests you built for all sheets or just one sheet of the active workbook. You can also add, edit, refresh, and delete a request. These functions are typically associated with the Request Wizard and Request Manager when you right-click an available cell in the Excel spreadsheet that contains previous requests.

The Request Manager displays when you click Manage in the Report Builder toolbar.

Adobe Report Builder enforces request dependencies only within the same worksheet, not across worksheets. Restricting to dependencies within a single worksheet ensures execution timeliness.

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All Sheets
Displays requests from all of the sheets of the active workbook. To view requests from specific sheets, turn off this option. If you turn off this option, you must click on a Sheet tab at the bottom of your Excel report to display the requests associated with that sheet in the Request Manager. The label next to the checkbox indicates which sheet of the workbook currently has the focus.
Displays the name of the sheets in the workbook.
Report Suite
Displays the name of the report suite.
Date Range
Displays the specified date range of the report.
Specifies the granularity of the request.
Last Run
Specifies the date the request was last processed by Report Builder. A diagnostic message is also displayed in this table in the Last Run column, if applicable.
Displays the Request Wizard dialog. See Create a Data Request.
(Or Edit Multiple) Edits a selected request. The system displays the Request Wizard dialog. See Edit Multiple Requests.
Deletes requests. You can delete multiple selected requests. You can also delete a request in the list by selecting the request and pressing Delete on your keyboard.
Select All
Select all requests. The Request Manager displays the number of requests you have selected at the bottom of the request list.
From Cell
Gets data for a request from the worksheet. If a request is associated with the currently selected cell in the active worksheet, the associated request in the list is selected.
Refreshes a single request or a selection of requests. (See Refresh a Request.)
Refresh List

Refreshes all displayed requests. When you refresh all requests, the time to update the information from the server to your report is directly proportional to the complexity of the requests in the report. For very large reports, refreshing all requests may require several minutes. For this reason, you may wish to update the most urgent requests individually, and select Refresh All at another, less time-crucial moment.

Note: It is recommended that you check results often in the Request Manager if you refresh a worksheet containing multiple requests. If a request failure occurs, the error message in the diagnostic column helps you pinpoint the source of the error. While in most cases an error message is displayed when a request fails, note that occasionally no error message is generated. You may notice that a refresh does not update the data in a cell containing a reference, or that an update removes the data from the cell.