About keywords

Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, Yahoo! Japan Ads, Yandex, and existing Baidu accounts only

A keyword is a word or phrase associated with an ad. Keyword settings include the keyword match type, the maximum bids to be used when your ad is triggered by the keyword, and (some ad networks) optional tracking parameters. Keyword-level settings override the ad group or campaign settings.

You can create keywords for any ad group in a campaign that targets the search network.

The Keywords views

The Keywords > Keywords view lists all of your biddable keywords, and the Keywords > Negatives view lists all of your negative keywords, for which ads aren’t displayed.

You can create keywords for a search ad group from the Keywords > Keywords view. You can create
negative keywords for an ad group or campaign from either the Keywords > Negatives view or from the campaign and ad group settings. You can also edit and change the status of active and paused keywords, and delete negative keywords.