Create negative keywords

Google Ads, Microsoft® Advertising, Yahoo! Japan Ads, and existing Baidu accounts only

You can create negative keywords for a search ad group or campaign that targets the search or display/native network. Negative keywords don’t trigger ads.

You can also create and edit negative keywords in the ad group settings and campaign settings.
To create many negative keywords at once, use campaign bulksheets.
  1. In the main menu, click Search > Campaigns > Campaigns. In the submenus, click Live > Keywords > Negatives.

  2. In the toolbar above the data table, click Create , and then click Campaign to create campaign-level negative keywords or Ad Group to create ad group-level negative keywords.

  3. Select the ad network, the account, the campaign, and (when relevant) the ad group, and then click Continue.

  4. Enter the negative keywords. Use the following syntax, without a minus sign (-):

    • Negative broad match: keyword (not supported by Microsoft® Advertising)

    • Negative phrase match: "keyword"

    • Negative exact match: [keyword]

    Separate multiple values with commas, or enter them on separate lines. You can enter or paste up to 2000 negative keywords in one operation. See also the following requirements and restrictions:

    • Maximum character lengths: Baidu: 30 single-byte or 15 double-byte; Microsoft® Advertising: 100 single-byte or 50 double-byte; Google Ads and Yahoo! Japan Ads: 80 single-byte or 40 double-byte.

    • Baidu allows only one match type per keyword per ad group. For example, Ad Group 1 can’t include both "keyword" and [keyword].

    • Google Ads: Each keyword can consist no more than 10 words and can include only letters, digits, and the following special characters: space # $ & _ - " [ ] ' + . / :

    • Yandex: Each keyword can have a maximum of seven words, excluding stop words. Each Yandex ad group can include a maximum of 200 keywords.

  5. Click Post.