Current Mix Modeler release notes

Last update: 2023-11-20
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Last update: November 16, 2023.

These release notes cover the latest release of Mix Modeler. Mix Modeler releases operate on a continuous delivery model which allows for an approximate monthly release cadence. Accordingly, these release notes get updated, so check them regularly.

New or updated features

Feature Description General Availability
Download CSV buttons Download CSV buttons are now available as part of Plan Insights and Model Insights. November 16, 2023
CPA column in Data range breakdown table CPA column is added to Data range breakdown table in Plan Insights. November 16, 2023
Forecasted paid channel ROI visualization Forecasted paid channel ROI visualization is added to Plan insights. November 16, 2023
Models overview UI updated Models overview UI is updated in line with Plans overview UI. November 16, 2023
Re-score a model Added the ability to trigger re-scoring of new data using an existing model. November 16, 2023
Updated contribution visualization The Contribution by date and base media visulization is updated to an ordered stacked graph. November 16, 2023

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