AB Test Your Web Campaign

Last update: 2023-07-21

Testing is a great way to optimize your web campaigns for better engagement. Here’s how to get started.

To A/B test your personalized campaigns, you can select two or more campaigns, associate them to the same Split Test group, and select Auto-Tune to automatically continue with the best performing campaign.


If you’d prefer to manually calculate and see which campaign is performing better, do not enable Auto-Tune.

How to Set up a Split A/B Test

  1. Go to Web Campaigns.


    To make it easier to find the campaign you want, use the filter feature.

  2. Select the first campaign you want to A/B test. Click Edit.

  3. In the campaign page, select Split Testing and click Create New.

  4. Enter the Split Testing Group Name, click Create. Select Auto-Tune.

  5. Save or Launch the campaign.


    Selecting Auto-Tune allows the Web Personalization platform to automatically recognize the better performing split test campaign, and continues with the highest converting campaign while pausing the others.

  6. Repeat the above process with the second campaign.

  7. Select the second campaign you want to A/B test. Click Edit.

  8. In the Set Campaign page, select Split Testing and choose the Group from the drop-down. Select Auto-Tune.

  9. Save or Launch the campaign.

  10. Repeat this process for a third or fourth campaign to test.

  11. In Web Campaigns you can see the split test campaigns denoted by the A/B icon.

  1. You can test as many campaigns as you want. Best practice is two to three campaigns
  2. Make sure each split test group is associated with the same segment. You want to test towards the same audience.
  3. Try different content pieces (Case Study A vs. Case Study B), change the messaging and creatives, colors, sizes, or call to actions.
  4. Optimize and enjoy your personalized content!

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