Personalize an Email

Mission: Make your emails personal by adding data tokens

Step 1: Select an Email to Personalize

  1. Select one of the nurture emails created in the previous quick win and click Edit Draft.


    This creates a copy of the email as a draft. You must approve the draft for the changes to go live.

If you haven’t enabled a pop-up blocker, the email editor will open in a new tab/window. Otherwise, click Edit Draft twice.

Step 2: Make the Salesperson the Sender

  1. Select the From field, highlight and delete the current name.

  2. Click the Token icon to the right of the From field.

  3. Find and select the {{lead.Lead Owner First Name}} token.

  4. Type your company name and a dash for the Default Value to ensure something is displayed in case the sale rep’s first name is unavailable. Click Insert.

  5. Hit the space bar in the From field, making sure the cursor is flashing one space after the token you just inserted. Then click the Token icon again.

  6. Find and select the {{lead.Lead Owner Last Name}} token.

  7. Type “Sales” for the Default Value and click Insert.

Step 3: Add the Lead’s Name to the Email

  1. Select the top editable section, click the gear icon and select Edit.

  2. Add a space after “Hello” and place your cursor in front of the comma, then click the Insert Token icon.

  3. Find and select the {{lead.First Name}} token.

  4. Enter “Friend” (or any label you’d like) in the Default Value field and click Insert.


    Always include a default value for tokens; this ensures the default value will be displayed in the email if some part of the personal information is missing.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Close the email editor tab/window.

  7. Under Email Actions, select Approve Draft.


Need a quick refresher on how to send yourself the email? See Send an Email Blast.

Mission Complete

Congratulations, you’ve personalized your email!


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