Email, SMS, Push

Journey Optimizer comes with built-in message capabilities. You can simply add, in your journey, a push, an SMS, or email message activity and define settings and content. It is then executed and sent in the context of the journey.

You can also set up specific actions to send you messages:

To add a message in a journey, follow the steps below:

  1. Start your journey with an Event or a Read Segment activity.

  2. From the Actions section of the palette, drag and drop an email, an SMS or a Push activity into the canvas.

    All steps to configure the message and define its content are detailed in this section.

Update live content

You can update the content of a message (email, sms, push) in a live journey.

To do this, open your live journey, select the message activity and click Edit content.

However, you cannot change the attributes used in personalisation, whether they are profile attributes or contextual data (from event or journey properties).

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